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Findtech is the outcome of twenty years of business research in industry and consulting. Carlyle Watts, a small management consultancy, originally established a research department tasked with finding information for strategic management consultancy clients. This grew to incorporate a wide variety of research activities which were available to clients. As the demand for high quality information increased we found increased demand for our information services and In 2004 we re-branded Carlyle Watts as Findtech to include an outsourced information research department available to organisations who value information as part of their own competitive edge.

Founder and managing Director Diana Connolly is a Mathematician and an erstwhile racing driver who has spent a career working in the application of computer science to business research. She has worked in industry, academia and intellectual property and has extensive knowledge of both legacy systems and new technology approaches to information storage and extraction.

Founder David Connolly is a physicist by discipline with an MBA from London Business School. He has 30 years experience of industry and consulting and believes that good information is essential in the development of competitive excellence. David has worked in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Fashion and Engineering industries in a variety of senior management positions.
Our research staff all have a specialism beside research, enabling us to deal effectively with a wide variety of technical subjects. If we don't have the specialist you need on the books we will find one.

We believe that good information comes from good research which depends on asking the right question. That is why we will spend time understanding your needs from both information and business viewpoints before we start looking for answers.

Email: findtech@outlook.com

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Findtech Ltd, 123 Woodside Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 6AL.

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