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Entrepreneurial support
The entrepreneurial flair required to establish and grow a business cannot flourish in isolation. It needs to be supported and refreshed with information and ideas.

Findtech has worked with entrepreneurs from all types of background serving customers in the widest array of markets. The ability to find high quality sources of information to support decision making in uncharted waters is one of the strengths that makes Findtech invaluable to those setting off into new ventures or new markets.

This type of work is often carried out anonymously, particularly at the early stage of the enterprise as clients do not wish to make their activities public knowledge

Findtech has the research experience necessary to quickly locate, cost effective information across the broad front of areas of interest to new businesses. This would include market research, competitor analysis, research and development activities. Typical areas of activity include:
  • Market research reports
  • High tech activity research
  • Patent activity research
  • Publications and research papers
  • Technical publications
  • Industry activity reports
  • Due diligence research


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