How do I assess a new opportunity?

New technology
Bringing new technology to the market has its own set of unique problems. Scoping out an opportunity where the market is unaware or, worse still, needs re-educating, can be a daunting prospect.

Our years of experience working with new technology companies and start ups give us valuable insights into the sourcing and interpretation of information to support new technology ventures.

As well as designing the product and making it work, the entrepreneur must position the offering, Select and develop the sales and marketing channels, identify and develop strategic partnerships and service the customer effectively.

Findtech has a long history of working with companies bringing new products and services to the market. We have learned how to help entrepreneurs identify and supplement those areas of the operation where their time is least effective. Typical areas of activity include:
  • Identifying strategic weaknesses
  • Identifying potential partners
  • Locating additional investment funds
  • Publications and research papers
  • Recruitment of Non executive Directors


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