What is the competition up to?

Competition monitoring
Whether your business is a new start-up or an established business you are always at the mercy of new technologies or developments from established market competitors.

One of the best ways to minimise this risk is to monitor the activities of your competition. But activities can mean so much more than their current prices or promotional activities. Many companies have been caught out by ignoring the arrival of a new technology or being unaware of its existence until it is too late.

Findtech has the research experience necessary to quickly identify and cost effectively monitor the activites of companies across a wide range of indistries.

This would include market movements, pricing, promotional activity, customer satisfaction and new research and development activities. Typical competitor or industry monitoring activity includes checking:
  • New Market research reports
  • Specialist High Tech research
  • Patent applications
  • Learned publications
  • Research papers
  • Technical publications
  • Industry activity reports
  • Company press coverage
This is the information which helps you to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.
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