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Start up support
Starting a new company from scratch is a huge challenge. The difficulties of positioning the company and its products, developing and updating strategy and sticking to the plan whilst being flexible enough to take advantages of opportunities are considerable. In the early stages of a new venture you need a wide range of support which Findtech can provide.

A sounding board for new ideas, a shoulder to cry on when you need it or guidance when you feel lost. We have provided all of these to new start ups in the past, small and large.

Findtech has a successful history of working with start up companies from the development of ideas through to the production of a funding plan or bank proposal. Typical areas of activity include:
  • Locating funds
  • Developing strategic action plans
  • Building in milestones
  • Reviewing performance
  • Managing changes
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Maintaining profitability


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