Sourcing Information for Business Success?

Corporate support
Corporate business information is a crucial research area for companies undergoing change. Finding suitable partner companies, acquisition targets or merger candidates can absorb a great deal of time if the searcher is not knowledgeable and experienced. Similarly for investment opportunities you want to be sure that your due diligence research has identified all of the issues likely to have an impact on the future of your investment.

Experience shows that an understanding of business issues along with knowledge of information sources is a winning combination in finding the information that is critical to business success.

Findtech has the broad business experience necessary to provide fast, cost effective information in easily digested form. Typical areas of activity include:
  • Company reports
  • Company histories
  • Ownership timelines
  • European and US company reports
  • Beauty parade information packs
  • Industry activity reports
  • Due diligence research
This type of work is often carried out anonymously at the early stage of an investigation as clients do not wish to make their interest public knowledge.

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