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Market research
When you are looking for information on new markets it is worth remembering that there are very few markets which are really new. Somebody is active in most of them and this means that somebody will have investigated those markets. You may need details of a particular segment or a specific element of the market but odds are that somebody somewhere has investigated it recently.

Findtech can locate existing research in all markets and can combine the results of more than one investigation to give you an overview of the segment you are interested.

We can also assess the competition or provide detailed product/market analysis if it exists. This gives you the quickest possible feedback on the market you are considering.

If such generic information is not enough or you need to study an area which has not been investigated in detail Findtech can work with you to specify the precise research needed and commission that research on your behalf. We work with the leading research organisations across all industries to bring you the latest perspective where it is needed. Our advice and expertise will save you time and money in gathering the intelligence you need .

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