How do you find likely targets?

Mergers and Acquisitions
Identifying suitable candidates for a merger or acquisition requires sensitive handling in the early stages. A clear understanding of the strategy behind the acquisition helps the researcher to cut the list of potential targets down to a size which can be managed.

Our experience shows that a two stage process is often most suited to the exercise. A first sweep to find companies which meet a broad set of criteria. These are then examined by the board to be ranked for more detailed research. It is on the basis of this second report that the target company may be approached and the issue may become public knowledge

Findtech has more than twenty years experience of this type of research and matching activity including:
  • Company profiling
  • Industry profiling
  • Geographical matching
  • Complementary business matching
  • Product or market matching
  • Culture matching
We handle any stage of such projects from initial identification through to initial contact.

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