Sourcing Information for Business Success?

Inward Investment
Opening a new office in a new region is a key step in the corporate growth process. Few organisations do it frequently. This often means that attention is focused on that which is most easily transferable. This usually comprises products, systems and organization features that have been critical in generating business success to date. Once the move is made the organization can begin learning about the local values that impact its operation and philosophy.

Findtech can provide practical help in this activity by working with management to identify those features of the local business landscape that represent opportunities or threats. In practice we can help you hit the ground running.

Findtech has the broad business experience necessary to provide fast, cost effective information in easily digested form. Typical areas of activity include:
  • Competitor Listing
  • Identifying potential allies
  • Developing local routes to market
  • Local industry profiles
  • Potential client information packs
  • Competitive product research
This type of work is often carried out anonymously at the early stage of an investigation as clients do not wish to make their interest public knowledge.

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