Sourcing Information for Business Success

A technology company was looking to establish a brand name for a product it had developed prior to introduction to the market. Findtech worked with the brand management to identify potential difficulties due to historical usage of the proposed brand name and similar common terminology within industry publications over the previous thirty years.

By doing this the company was able to ensure that the name was not already a common industry term but did fit in with industry common parlance. The branding exercise was subsequently successfully implemented.

Market Research
A pharmaceutical company was seeking to market a me too compound in certain European markets needed to know which comparable products were available within those markets and how they were perceived. We worked with the company to define the precise parameters of the enquiry and then commissioned specific market research to meet their needs.

Because the whole exercise was completed under our banner it was not obvious who was looking at them market. This left the company in a position to launch without the rest of the market being pre-warned, or to exit gracefully without the embarrassment of having investigated a weak opportunity.

Company Structure
A large corporation was considering acquisition of a small group of companies for their intellectual property. It was important to know the ownership history and status of several elements of the group.

By working with Findtech they were able to clarify the exact information they were seeking and we were able to build a historical timeline for the specific companies in which they were interested. We were also able to assess the patent ownership of those companies. As a result of this it became clear that the companies concerned did not have the strength in intellectual property which the acquirer was seeking and an expensive mistake was avoided.


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