How do you make the most of your IP?

Intellectual Property Audit
Intellectual property extends to more than just patents and trade marks. One of the most significant areas of a company's intellectual property is the know-how that resides in the company and the staff. Although know-how cannot be protected by statute there are ways to defend it and protect your competitive advantage

The three areas that are important to companies are:

  • Patent protection
  • trademarks and brands
  • know-how and trade secrets
All companies have a mix of of these. As manufacturing declines in the West, innovation and intellectual property will continue to grow in importance. They are the seeds of the future and you owe it to your company to ensure that yours is protected and exploited to the greatest possible extent.
Findtech's unique blend of IP understanding and business experience can help you to:
  • Assess your intellectual assets, including trade secrets and know-how
  • Understand the importance of IP to your competitive position
  • Leverage your existing IP assets
  • Identify where further investment in intellectual capital and enhance the business
Working with FindTech can enable you to grow the business in new ways and protect it from new forms of competitive thrust.

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